Community Wellness Program

We provide medical and health support for guests who are unable to access adequate medical care, because of language barriers, chronic mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Because many of the guests we visit at home have serious or chronic health conditions, our Community Wellness Program reaches out to ensure they get the medical care they need. Most of these women are outside the health care system, often because they feel they have previously been mistreated or don’t speak English. Our CWP works intensely with 20 guests, connecting them with with medical appointments, health insurance, prescriptions and support. The CWP also enhances the work of our on-site Wellness Center

Our Community Wellness Program can:

  • connect guests with health insurance and explain coverage
  • assist with selecting a medical facility, physician and/or provider
  • accompany guests to appointments
  • advocate for guests and interpret information
  • help guests obtain prescriptions and follow dosage guidelines
  • provide translation services and access to transportation
  • offer consistent support for follow-through of medical recommendations