Outreach Van

Launched in 2012, our van connects us to a new population of women in need: those who are too afraid, ill or too marginalized to come to Rosie’s Place for services. By offering support in this way, we begin the process of establishing a trusting relationship that can lead to more permanent answers and options.  

Monday through Friday, our van staff visit underserved neighborhoods in Dorchester and Roxbury and offer women vital resources and referral information, as well as necessary items such as socks, toiletries, blankets, sandwiches and water. At-risk women may be on the street as a result of addiction, severe mental illness, partner abuse or involvement in the sex industry.

The numbers of women approaching the van—some with young childrencontinues to grow and we now reach out to as many as 400 women each month. We are happy to report that many of these women have come from the streets and into Rosie’s Place. They join a family of women accessing our array of essential services: meals, shelter, advocacy, homelessness prevention, ESOL and literacy classes and groceriesall provided with love and respect.   


Monday-Friday: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester and Dudley Square


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