Public Policy

At Rosie’s Place, we don’t just educate our guests in the democratic process. We strive to engage and empower them through it. 

The Public Policy program works to further Rosie’s Place’s mission within the larger socio-political context by representing the interests of Rosie’s Place guests at the State House through direct lobbying, coalition building and by empowering guests and Rosie’s Place supporters to be actively involved in advocacy.

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Rosie's Place 2019-2020 Priorities

In the 2019-2020 legislation session, we will advocate for legislation that addresses:

1.      Dental access - (2017-18 Session: S.1169/H.4454)

2.    Closing the SNAP gap - (2017-18 Session: S.612/H.101)

3.      Lift the Cap on Kids (2017-18 Session: S.34/H.85)

4.    Safe space to sleep  - (2017-18 Session: H.659)

In addition, we will work through the budget process to defend key housing and food line items.

Click here to view our full priorities for the 2019-2020 legislative session.