Public Policy

At Rosie’s Place, we don’t just educate our guests in the democratic process. We strive to engage and empower them through it. 

The Public Policy program works to further Rosie’s Place’s mission within the larger socio-political context by representing the interests of Rosie’s Place guests at the State House through direct lobbying, coalition building and by empowering guests and Rosie’s Place supporters to be actively involved in advocacy.

Women's March: Take Action

The Women’s Marches made history; now let’s make change! We can take positive action right here, right now for our guests and all of us in Massachusetts. Whether it’s supporting Rosie’s Place’s policy agenda, backing efforts to keep our national leaders accountable, or volunteering your time, we can make a difference! Here’s how:

  • Support national efforts to keep leaders accountable and to protect federal programs.  Check out the Women’s March for America agenda
  • Contact your Representatives and ask them to support the following bills that will help poor and homeless women: 
    SNAP Gap/Common Application legislation: An Act Improving Public Health through a Common Application for Core Food, Health and Safety-net Programs (House Docket #655 and Senate Docket #247) 
    Repeal the Family Cap: An Act Relative to the Well Being and Care of a Child (House Docket #1262 and Senate Docket #1761) 
    Safe Communities Act: An Act to Protect the Civil Rights and Safety of All Massachusetts Residents (House Docket #3052 and Senate Docket #1596)
    Fair Share Amendment:  Ask your legislators to vote for the Fair Share Amendment at the next Constitutional Convention
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  • Thank Governor Charlie Baker at 617.725.4005 for his support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Massachusetts was the first state in the country to have health reform and we have close to 96% coverage for our residents. Governor Baker sent a letter earlier this month to Congress urging that Massachusetts be allowed to keep its health care mandate and the protections included in the ACA
  • Share your March photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Volunteer at Rosie’s Place or in the community

State Budget—9c cuts

In December, Governor Baker announced mid-year spending cuts (known as 9C cuts) of over $98 million. You can see the complete breakdown of those cuts here. Rosie's Place does not receive any local, state, or federal funding. However, many vital programs that benefit our guests were affected.

Emergency Assistance (EA) Family Shelter Program (Line Item 7004-0101) EA provides shelter and re-housing assistance to homeless families with children.


Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) (Line Item 7004-9024) MRVP provides rental assistance through mobile or project-based vouchers to low-income individuals and families.


Housing and Consumer Education Centers (HCECs) (Line Item 7004-3036) HCECs offer housing assistance, services, and information to low-income and moderate-income residents of Massachusetts. 


Adult Basic Education (Line Item 7035-0002) Adult Basic Education providers teach reading, writing, math, and English literacy to adult learners.


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention & Treatment (Line Item 4513-1130) These funds support rape crisis centers, batterer-intervention programs, refugee and immigrant safety and empowerment programs, and LGBT domestic violence and sexual violence programs.


Please join Rosie's Place in opposing these cuts by taking two action steps:

1. Call your State Representative and State Senator (Find their contact information here.)

Ask them to work with leadership to restore funding to these critical programs through the supplemental budget, expected in early 2017. Both Senate President Rosenberg and Speaker DeLeo have indicated that they will focus on restoring funding to the programs that serve the most vulnerable among us.

2. Call Governor Baker (617-725-4005)

Let him know that you oppose these cuts and ask him to prioritize funding for programs that support women experiencing poverty and homelessness in the FY18 budget.

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Income Inequality

At Rosie’s Place, we are committed to addressing income inequality in Massachusetts and to supporting and helping to build social movements for greater equality. Today, the top one percent of our society holds 24% of the total wealth in the country. This is the most intense concentration of wealth at the top of the ladder since 1929. Read more.

Voting – Rosie’s Place is dedicated to educating and engaging our guests in the voting and elections process. To put our work in context, take a look at this report about the role that nonprofits can play in reaching populations with historically low voter turnout—people often missed or skipped by partisan political campaigns. 

Fair Share Amendment – Rosie’s Place supports the Fair Share Amendment and gathered more than 600 signatures from staff, board, guests, volunteers and supporters. Learn more

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