Join Rosie’s Place in Supporting the Fair Share Amendment!

Rosie’s Place believes that building a stronger economy requires investment in public education and transportation. We support the Fair Share Amendment to create a progressive income tax and generate more revenue for our communities. View the fact sheet.

Amending the Massachusetts Constitution is a four year process:

2015 ✓

As a member of the Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition, Rosie’s Place staff, guests, volunteers and supporters gathered more than 600 signatures toward the 155,000 signatures needed to get the Fair Share Amendment onto the ballot.

2016 ✓

On May 18, guests and staff watched from the gallery as 137 state Senators and Representatives voted to advance the Fair Share Amendment through its first constitutional convention.


In order to reach the ballot in 2018, the Fair Share Amendment must again receive at least 50 votes at a constitutional convention in 2017.


On November 13, Massachusetts voters will decide whether to approve the Fair Share Amendment.

View the fact sheet. 

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